Wednesday, November 24, 2010

This mesothelioma lawyer secured my future

I gave the best years of my life to the Navy. I am very proud and grateful for the time I spent as an Armed Forces personnel. I retired a year ago. Unfortunately, constant exposure to asbestos on the war ships gave me mesothelioma lung cancer. More than my future and my health, I was worried about what will happen to my wife and children when I am gone. I was also worried about how I was going to afford the hospital expenses. That’s when this mesothelioma lawyer came to my rescue. 

This mesothelioma lawyer is like Erin Brockovich. They care more about their clients than they do about money. They assessed my case free of cost. They sent me tons of information on mesothelioma, again free of cost. They set up meetings at my house for my convenience. At every step of the legal process, they explained everything to me patiently and took my opinion into consideration. Any other mesothelioma lawyer may have tried to force his decision on me but not them. We eventually settled out-of-court. And I got a 7-figure compensation. 

I am really grateful to my mesothelioma lawyer. They really are the best.

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